The development of banknotes and ID documents requires know-how, experience, and endurance. To assure the integrity and highest degree of protection, critical standards in production and management must be applied:

    • Embedding of state-of-the-art security elements to protect against counterfeiting
    • quality assurance designed to meet project specifications and avoid costly budget overruns
    • Effective production management for on time delivery

Omissions and misinterpretations in planning can be costly and create long term consequences. 

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Success begins with a well informed, up-to-date perspective and management strategy to address the intricacies of the design, production and delivery phases, i.e.:

    • time frame scoping
    • secure specifications to minimize the exposure to counterfeiting threats
    • trade-off analysis and evaluation to frame cost implications

The key elements to successfully manage these challenges are Information, Education, and Communication.

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INFORMATION is fundamental

In an ever more competitive business environment, timely access to accurate information is an important factor for the success of an organization. Reliable and independent providers of information are valuable business partners.

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To gather, analyze and structure information, so that sensible conclusions can be drawn and strategic options can be developed, is a fundamental task for any organisation. The capacity to do so ultimately determines the entity's eventual  success.

The security printing industry is exposed to a number of challenges, which could be triggered by technical innovations from inside or outside the industry, or which could slowly evolve over a longer period of time, like, for example:

New Innovative Solutions: Innovative solutions provide benefits, e.g. higher security of the document they are applied on, or lower production or handling cost, or a smaller carbon footprint.

Alternative Payment Methods: Changes in the payment behaviour of the public, made possible by developments mostly in the mobile telecommunications industry (mobile payments, mobile money, etc) expose issuing authorities and the security printing industry to new challenges. What will be the impact of such developments, and how should issuing authorities and the industry react to them? What options are available?

Regional Developments: A country's population growth, technical & economic development, migration influx, and other factors influence the way banknotes & ID documents will be used by the public, and therefore, how banknotes and IDs should be specified and managed along their lifecycle. But which are the key parameters that should be considered, and how do they impact the specification of the banknotes or ID documents?

Information on above mentioned topics is vital when it comes to decision making. Reliable and timely access to information is an asset, both for issuing authorities as well as for market players of the industry. 

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EDUCATION makes the difference

The design and development of a banknote or a travel document is a demanding task. To stay abreast of the latest innovations is vital, and experienced guidance is crucial to successfully circumnavigate all the cliffs and rocks inherent in such a project.

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Expanding innovation in the security printing industry is driving incredible new options, but also increasing complexity in information streams, product solutions, and decision making, to name a few.

In such an environment, education is not just something good to do, it is a critical business imperative:

  • to manage counterfeit risk
  • to guide decision making on new security features
  • to select partners
  • to proactively define planning criteria

Lighthouse Communications offers tailored education platforms and services designed with issuing authorities and industry service providers in mind.
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COMMUNICATION fosters face-to-face knowledge exchange and collaboration

The efficient exchange of high-quality information with knowledgeable partners from the security printing industry is crucial for the successful lifecycle management of a banknote or an ID document. Our events provide a platform where the industry can meet.

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Communication is the vital link to connect information and education with people.
Lighthouse Communications provides a variety of options to support efficient information exchange between experts, industry service providers, and issuing authorities:

Project-specific workshops:  Designed around specific project challenges, workshops are ideally suited to support discussion, collaboration, and deliberation in a small group setting. Guided by expert discussion leaders and moderations, these sessions will provide hands-on engagement and help build practical solutions.

Tailored customer seminars:  Designed with a focus on addressing customer specific challenges, seminars provide a dynamic environment to develop solutions around critical issues for customers, as well as  an excellent platform to update knowledge.

Industry Solutions Forums:  Designed to support broad dissemination of information around trends and to showcase platforms for new innovations, the large forum environment provides access to and broad engagement for suppliers and issuing authorities in a manner that can inform at multiple levels and across development phases.

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